Time to swallow our pride and admit our mistakes

Instances like these are very much examples of American arrogance and if we are to ever mend the diplomatic damage incurred by Bush, et al. we must be willing to accept our nation's many errors.

Does anyone argue that the imprisonment of Japanese Americans during WW II was inappropriate? How about the treatment of Native Americans in the 19th century?

Every nation makes mistakes - and in order to ensure they don't happen again, we must be willing to accept the bad news.

We acted in ways which mirrored Europe's own empirialistic history - and they will understand that.

Obama's admissions are the first step in healing the wounds caused by the ethnocentric, fundamentalist doctrine which was embraced following the September 11 attacks.

Those who would like to quell any and all dissent need to reference the history of the creation of this nation.

Simply put - in order to fix injustice, the presence of injustice must first be recognized.

Jon Alexander is editor of the News Enterprise. He can be reached at jonathan@denpubs.com

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