Statewide initiative will impact local health care

The visit of Paterson and Daines represents in part their recognition of how acute the problem of retaining physicians in rural areas of the state, he added.

"Health care is hitting the wall, and public tolerance for raising premiums is gone," he said. "The system has been so dysfunctional."

Network receives federal stimulus boost

Just last week, Rugge announced that Hudson Headwaters had received a commitment of $597,000 in federal stimulus funds, some of it for operating assistance and computerizing medical records, but also for expanding the Network's reach into rural areas.

Rugge hinted that Hudson Headwaters might be developing a new health center, but he declined to say where that might be.

Any such construction, he said, would be completed by the end of 2010, he said.

"This new funding may allow us to grow during hard times," he said, noting the money would retain jobs in the Network's health centers as well as go towards health care costs of patients who've lost their health insurance.

Hudson Headwaters operates 12 medical centers primarily serving rural communities in Warren, Essex, Hamilton, and Saratoga counties

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