CYC names contest winners

TICONDEROGA - Ticonderoga students are speaking out against under-age drinking in a local contest.

As part of a prevention program, fifth grade students at Ticonderoga Elementary School were challenged to write letters to the Times of Ti expressing their concerns about under-age drinking.

"The students are learning about how alcohol affects them physically and emotionally," explained Kristi Mars, Connecting Youth and Communities program director. "One piece of this program is to help the students reach out to their community by voicing how they feel about under-age alcohol consumption."

The program and contest are sponsored by CYC.

"I asked each class to put a letter to the editor together about under-age drinking in Ticonderoga," Mars said. "April is also alcohol awareness month so this is a great piece."

The winning class, Mrs. Moore's fifth grade, will receive a pizza party.

CYC is funding the program, called "Reach Out Now: Facts and Activities to help prevent under-age alcohol use," with a $300 grant.

Mars would like to expand the program to include St. Mary's School in Ticonderoga and Putnam Central School.

The winning letter reads:

Dear Editor:

We are writing you a letter to inform kids and parents why we think kids and teens would want to drink alcohol. Some of the reasons are:

1.) Kids think drinking makes them fit in and appear cool.

2.) Kids see their parents drink.

3.) Peer Pressure from friends.

4.) Kids see adults buy alcohol at the store.

5.) Kids think if they drink alcohol their problems will go away.

Our class feels to keep kids in Ticonderoga from drinking alcohol parents and adults can make sure their kids are not drinking alcohol by testing them to see if they have been drinking alcohol. We think that all stores should ask for I.D. and not sell alcohol to an adult if a kid is with them. Adults can help kids succeed in not ever drinking alcohol by providing them with more places for kids to go.

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