Cell phone flirting

You've heard about this, "sexting?" Parents are all balled up about the kids sexting, which is a thing they do on their cell phones, they write, or type I should say, to one another, lets say a guy to a girl, what he likes about the girl's body, or what he's thinking he'd like to do with her later, at the movies, or after, in the car up at Hickey gravel pit. It's innocent teenage stuff, but yet parents are worried. Why?

Wouldn't you worried parents rather have your daughter read about what a guy was thinking of doing with her then have her live through what our generation did; Huddle in back of the four o'clock detention bus telling girls what we were going to do with them, then promptly demonstrating it? Parents back in my day would much rather have had their daughter read what I was thinking of doing then have me demonstrate it on her. What I didn't learn in Sex Ed 101, I sure as hang tried to figure out in back a the bus in Sex Ed 102, 3, 4, and 5. That was fun. It was where I first learned that the shinbone being connected to the knee bone was a far piece from being "what it was all about!"

I would think parents could sleep like cats knowing all night long at the Senior Prom their daughters did nothing but receive sexy notes from the guys who were standing all the way at the other side of the gym. That's careful stuff, safe; Make you want to hope kids get such a kick of out sexting they never break into having just plain ole sex. Good news dads, because of sexting your daughters could die virgins.

I don't have a daughter but if I did I'd rather she get a lifetime of friggin sext messages than have a guy actually touch her. On her wedding night I'd want her in room 213 while her clueless new husband (I'd just had spent twenty thousand dollars to watch get drunk at the wedding), was in room 215 sending her notes "Honey I just came outta the bathroom, you should see the washcloth, it's hovering." A real winner that new son in-law. A real winner who because of good ole sexting might never actually consummate his marriage.

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