Questioning Palin for vice president

To the editor: One vice presidential candidate censors interviewers questions. Huh? How can your press then investigate or challenge, to inform you? Is Alaska near Russia, more than just geographically? Granted McCain's genes suggest longevity; yet the president's job hastens aging. Suppose lost, that one heartbeat separation, from becoming president: Must she be allowed to suppress rights? How can she be held responsible? For example: when her daughter's divorce was contested by her long-diligent Alaska state trooper husband; what did Sarah do? Fired him. Government employees investigating it are ejected too. Isnt a daughters divorce personal, not an affair of state? How far would she take presidential power? Maybe their campaign recognizes ruthless powers needed against restoring redistributive taxation. Powers needed, if advancing investment in multiple luxury homes, and executive jets, over securing Social Security rights, past the boomers years; against soundly financing universal health care; against letting middle class consumer demand guide investment in domestic manufacturing and retailing; to leave middle class taxes high on households living only paycheck to paycheck, despite each breadwinner working two to three jobs. Unchallenged power's needed to ensure self interest of the stronger against the helpless. Is Sarah's leadership firm? Leadership with swagger! Firm enough? Is it Dont sass your Mother! Momma knows best!? She's firm enough. Should America still the democratically governed hope for the world unquestioned rule? Obama and Biden accept all questions. They answer as simply as each permits, without evading, but without sacrificing objectivity to oversimplified either/or distinctions. They compose as they go, yes pausing for thought. They're flexible, letting us, the people, question decisions. Should you (as adult as your leaders!) permit more leadership than that? She's run Alaska like a banana republic. Should we chance her presidency? You know, I dont think so. Can our system save itself? Well, that's your decision. David E. Manwell, Beekmantown

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