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The Vermont Energy Partnership, a diverse group of more than 90 business, labor, and community leaders as well as individual energy experts today reiterated its strong support for the license renewal of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Vernon. At last weeks Vermont Public Service Board hearing on the license renewal of the plant and through written remarks, more than a dozen Partnership members commented on the plants importance and how it serves the public good. They addressed its safety record, its economic importance, and its role in mitigating pollution and keeping Vermont clean. Here are a few excerpts. On the Plants Overall Importance to Vermont: Vermont Yankee is a safe, highly scrutinized, and well operated facility that provides clean power to the region. Its license should be renewed. The continued operation of Vermont Yankee is vital to Vermont. It provides abundant and low-cost electricity, is an important component of our diverse power supply, produces practically zero greenhouse gas emissions, and provides substantial economic benefits for Vermonts economy. For economic and environmental reasons, Vermonts Yankees license renewal makes compelling sense.Brad Ferland, president, he Vermont Energy Partnership On the Electricity Challenges at Hand: Today, Vermont Yankee produces about 70 percent of all electricity produced in Vermont. This baseload production is without carbon, sulfur, mercury, or nitrogen oxides, all of which contribute to air pollution. Any substitute will require additional transmission and sightings. With todays technology, our baseload supply cannot be achieved through a combination of conservation, efficiencies and alternative supply. The alternative would have to be either coal or gas-fired generation creating pollution. Milt Eaton, ex Vermont Secretary of Development and Community Affairs and Retired U.S. Department of Energy Official On Environmental Benefits: Vermont can proudly say it has one of the lowest carbon emitting electricity portfolios of any state in the U.S. largely because of Vermont Yankees operation. For over thirty years, Vermont Yankee has been providing Vermont with one-third of its electricity without emitting carbon, nitrogen and sulfur dioxides that destroy air, water and land quality. Jennifer Clancy, Vermont environmentalist On Economic Benefits: The value of Vermont Yankee for the Windham County community is immense. The plant provides hundreds of jobs and large tax revenues. Should Vermont Yankee not be re-licensed, Windham County would lose a major contributor to our economy. The electric rate, because of Vermont Yankee, helps to keep many of our local employers competitive in the world market. Dart Everett, business leader, Brattleboro On Safety: Vermont Yankees safety culture and practices ensure that the plant is one of the safest places in Vermont. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has nuclear energy experts at Vermont Yankee daily. These highly qualified individuals make sure that Vermont Yankee adheres to rigorous and comprehensive safety programs. Vermont Yankee has an excellent safety record and has consistently been given the NRCs highest annual safety rating green. Dennis McMahon, community leader, Chittenden County Its clear Vermont Yankee is vital to Vermonts energy and economic future. Brad Ferland President,Vermont Energy Partnership

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