Treadwell isn't afraid to get his hands dirty

To the editor: Sandy Treadwell is the person needed to represent the 20th Congressional District in Washington D.C. Treadwell believes that Congress is failing to address major national issues of our time. Americans need some common-sense policies from Washington, such as a national energy policy, tax relief and smaller government. We don't need more politicians who waste our tax dollars promulgating new laws, regulations, and earmarks for bridges to nowhere, and policies that continue to waste our valuable resources. Treadwell wants to do something about it. From a personal perspective I know that when Sandy Treadwell says he will do something he gets things done. I am a retired Fire Protection Specialist from the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control. I know first-hand how Sandy Treadwell gets things done to benefit the people he serves. Sandy Treadwell was state Secretary of State from 1995 to 2001, appointed by Governor Pataki. He dealt with all kinds of local and state issues regarding licensing requirements for businesses, code enforcement , and met with many local, state and business officials and community groups to deal with these issues and problems. In particular, he oversaw the statewide fire training program administered through the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC). Part of that program is the state Academy of Fire Science. It was Treadwell who implemented improvements to the delivery of fire training programs. He made use of some vacant facilities at the New York National Guard facility at Camp Smith, which allowed for additional specialized training courses to be delivered. More than 1,000 students were afforded the opportunity to complete training courses at this Fire Academy Annex during Treadwells term. The buildings at the facility needed some renovation and rehabilitation work. Treadwell, along with some OFPC staff, including myself, pitched in to do some of the rehabilitation work. I had never before worked alongside a state official of Treadwell's caliber, who was not afraid to get his hands dirty and do what needed to be done. It was at that moment that I gained a lot of respect for this man. When Treadwell says he will do something, he does. That's why I support and will be voting for Sandy Treadwell for Congress in the 20th Congressional District. Washington could use a lot more Sandy Treadwells to get the job done. He is running to change things. He has convictions. He has experience. He understands our needs. He is motivated. He will be a breath of fresh air in Washington and a person who can be by-partisan to get things accomplished and I know that he will work as hard in Washington as his constituents work. I've seen him do it. Allen Ayotte Halfmoon, NY

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