Notes from the Pit: Bidding farewell to Wallace... a trip to Vacationland... football nightmares...

Fiction's about what it is to be a human being. David Foster Wallace, February 21, 1962 September 12, 2008 I wont spend much time talking about the recent suicide death of David Foster Wallace. Its a sad thing when someone that talented takes their own life. A commentator on National Public Radio said it best, I think, when he noted that the rest of us cant help but worry after something like this happens. What did Wallace see in the world that we didnt? Right. I, for one, wont spend much time worrying about that living in fear defeats the whole point of living, I suppose. I returned late Monday night from a five-day trip to Presque Isle, Me. Thats right, Vacationland and I enjoyed every minute of it. The drive to Presque Isle takes about 12 hours, and its quite a haul for someone like me who has trouble sitting still for 12 seconds, let alone 12 hours. But my girlfriend is good company, and doesnt mind it when I play various air instruments to the soundtrack provided by my iPod. Yes sir, I am a master at playing drums, piano, guitar and the upright bass to songs like Slow Ride, Black Water and Gimme Shelter and I can also rap along to every verse of the Wu-Tang Clans classic Pinky Ring. Needless to say, I find these long drives challenging, and they often ruin my vacation especially during an election like this when my blood pressure runs high every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth... This time was different, though, as I made a concerted effort to ignore the news every time it came on. And it worked! Rather than worry about what was happening on the campaign trail, or wonder who was winning the Sign Battle in New Yorks 20th congressional district (Treadwell is carrying a huge lead, by the way if you drive around and count the election signs, there are about four treadwell signs per Gillibrand sign. This does not bode well for the incumbent), I focused on the local news in Maine, which I found quite refreshing and someone optimistic. No matter what the outcome of Election 2008, it will be remembered as the year the vice grip that partisan politics had on Washington finally loosened. The theme in Maine parallels the national theme Republican candidates throughout the state are distancing themselves from the Bush Administration (for obvious reasons), and some are even alligning themselves with their Democratic rivals. I know, I know... they all want to get elected, so theyre doing whatever it takes to get votes. But trust me, its better than the non-stop bickering you usually get during an election year. And its getting people to think about Americas two-party system and its all-to-numerous flaws. Its good to be back in New York, though, and out of Red Sox Nation. I hate the Patriots, and was forced to watch the Jets throw away what should have been a solid victory among rabid Patriots fans who have already forgotten last seasons Super Bowl loss theyre now talking about their historic regular-season winning streak that extends back to 2006. Now I have to cheer for Buffalo. Thanks a lot, Favre. Chris Morris is the news editor at Denton Publications. He can be reached at chrism@denpubs.com

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