Forget the gum trees - take real action!

To the editor: In regard to the chewing gum nuisance as cited in the Aug. 23 Adirondack Journal can things get any more outrageous than this? If Village Trustee John Root has a pet peeve about chewing gum, then he should volunteer to go around the Village scraping it off the ground. I for one do not want to see any disgusting gum trees slathered with used gum (which will turn into chewing tobacco and just plain spit as well!) We already have receptacles for gum. They are called garbage cans! I doubt very much that Mayor Blais has received letters of complaint on John Roots chewing gum issue. Lets not embarrass ourselves anymore with such petty stuff. This is not what trustees are elected for. They are there to resolve important issues, maintain progress, and much more. On to an important issue mentioned in another article cited in the same issue of the Adirondack Journal. There have been numerous complaints from many citizens as well as tourists concerning the vulgar slogans on T-shirts on display. This issue should have been dealt with long ago. The Village should not stop working on it until they have successfully completed the task of forcing the removal of these shirts from public view. Obviously the owner of this particular store has no respect for the leadership, citizens, or tourists in this community. His only goal is money. Maybe the offensive t-shirt shops could set up a specific group of T-shirts in a remote corner of the store for people to stick their gum and chewing tobacco on! Better yet, the Village could designate the sidewalk in front of theses stores as the only gum-spitting spots allowed! ) It is embarrassing to the community that this issue has not been resolved! It appears the Village Board has given up on the issues that are of great concern to our community and have resorted to discussing chewing gum. When this community has more upscale businesses they will attract more upscale visitors. This alone could solve the chewing gum issue! I must also add that I hope that the Board continues to stay away from the parking permit plan for Lake George High School teachers, students, and staff. Our school is the heart of our year-round community. The school opens after Labor Day and shuts down before the heart of the summer season. I would be curious which businesses complained. Most businesses are closed while the school is in session. The businesses that are opened during the off season do not pay for parking during the majority of that time. This again should be a non-issue. Businesses should not be dictating to the Village Board what they should do. Businesses are only a portion of the community with the vast majority of them having no vested interest in what happens here when they have made their money and have moved on to another area of the country for their winter season. The current leadership needs to move forward, get the priorities straight, and end this insanity! Joanne Gavin, Lake George

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