Thankful for emergency personnel

To the Times of Ti: On Tuesday, Aug. 27,we put in a 911 call to come to our home at 147 Lake George Avenue due to the discovery of an electrical type burning smell emitting from somewhere in our kitchen area. I dare say that only 5 or 6 minutes elapsed from the time the whistle blew, until the whole fire department arrived on the scene. Immediately the traffic was efficiently being re-routed at each intersection above and below our house, and the appointed fire people quickly donned their gear, and began systematically investigating. The police, emergency services and the fire inspector came shortly after. All kept us informed as they checked everything and we tried to answer any questions, that they had for us. After approximately two hours of thorough searching and testing with the infrared cameras, the firemen discovered we had two problems. One was a hot wire in one of the walls of our kitchen that had to be remedied,and the other was that of our refrigerators compressor which had been smoking, and totally burned out. It bears noting that everyone who responded was very courteous, efficient and pleasant. They were also very considerate of our home while going in and out, even amidst the congestion of what was going on. For this we are very grateful, to them. We feel that when someone does an excellent job they should be thanked and recognized for doing so, and that is the purpose of this letter. So often we mean to say something and dont. We could not let this opportunity slip by to add our commendation to the many others I am sure they receive. All are well-trained, dedicated volunteers who serve us well every time the alarm sounds. We are so grateful that the Lord protected our home from any further damage, and that neither we nor anyone else, were hurt. Again, we want to thank everyone, for all they did to help. Dale and Gayle Dolbeck Ticonderoga

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