Get lost in the area's largest corn maze

RUTLAND If someone in the Prospect Hill Road area tells you to get lost, they probably mean it in a nice way. What theyre referring to is the Hathaway Corn Maze, an annual experience that should not be missed. Since the wildly popular corn maze is seasonal, and operates during the months of September and October, the Hathaway Farm is the number one destination for an autumn adventure. The 12-acre corn maze is located at 741 Prospect Hill Rd. in Rutland. The maze is open Wednesday through Monday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. with the exception of Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. While youre inside the heart of the giant maze, there are a lot of things that children of all ages can find, but make sure to follow the rules. The owners of the Hathaway Farm prides themselves on the fact that the barn and the farmhouse are listed on the National Historic Registry. The farm has been in the Hathaway family since 1942, which is three generations of a proud Vermont farming tradition. A visit to the Hathaway maze needs plenty of time to enjoy it, especially if you are an adventurous soul and want to solve a giant puzzle. The Hathaways suggest planning on at least 90 minutes, but many people arrive and spend the day. Irene Hathaway told us about the the evolution of the corn maze. My youngest son, Sawyer, and I made our first maze on the farm in 2002, she said. It was only a couple of acres in size and was in the shape of a beef cow. We made it just to see if we could after reading about corn mazes in the mid-west. The people who went through our little maze loved them and basically talked us into making large ones! This years theme is Get Lost in Vermont so it is all about Vermont trivia. But we get thousands of visitors every year from all walks of life. Wondering what a visit to a corn maze might entail? Or more accurately, if you fit the profile of a typical maze-goer? Well, let's take a look at what and who you might see when coming to challenge the puzzling labyrinth by daylight or moonlight. Its the perfect activity for kids, parents, grandparents, friends and couples, and its interesting to observe the bonding moments that take place as families, friends, couples work together to navigate their way to the exit. Who has the best sense of direction? Who has the best knowledge of the trivia? The bottom line is that there is no typical maze-goer. Regardless of who you are and which way you choose to enjoy the maze, you'll leave having found what you came looking for. To help you along, you will find clues on the paths; some things you will know and others you wont. However, if you can correctly answer the questions, theyll help you navigate the paths that will lead you to the exit (solve the maze). The most important thing Irene says, Just keep walking! An exciting challenge is the Eight Punch Points. These are hole punches and each one has a different shape. They are positioned randomly throughout the maze on the paths. The trick is that they may be on dead ends; they may be on paths leading to the exit, or any path on the maze. If an individual finds all eight, they can bring their paper to the farm shop and enter to win an item from the farm at the end of the season. If you collect all eight punches, the Hathaway Farm considers you a Maze Master. During my recent visit to the maze, I found two Maze MastersMiranda Fedchekl and Robert Breznick of Pittsford. For the second year in a row, the duo found all eight punches. If you get fatigued, which you undoubtedly will, you can have a rest break in the grassy meadow where you can bathe in the sun in an Adirondack chair and enjoy a view of the nearby mountains. There is also a welcome center where a patron can make an early exit or enjoy snacks and a cool drink. One visitor, Jamie Grantham of Lebanon, N.H., said, I was walking around in the corn maze for hours and I definitely welcomed a drink of cold water. It was tricky. For night owls, the Hathaway Farm offers its Moonlight Madness maze adventure which happens every Saturday night until 9 oclock. Folks bring flashlights and friends for a fun night in the dark recesses of the maze. There are maze helpers along the way to ensure you dont spend the whole night lost amid the corn plants. The Hathaway Farm is easy to find. The farm sits up on the summit of Prospect Hill Road; the year 1881 is clearly visible imprinted on the slate roof of the Hathaways antique, classic barn. For details, call the Hathaway Farm at 802-775-2624 or e-mail the family at info@hathawayfarm.com. You wont regret the visit. Now go get lost!

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