9-11 quickly forgotten by American people

To the Times of Ti: Ive heard of the expression History repeats itself. But what happened to the other one about Learning from history so that we dont do it again. I was quite surprised when my 13-year-old daughter came home today , Thursday, Sept. 11, from school to tell me that there was no moment of silence in school for the atrocities that happened that day. I guess that just goes to show you how quickly we forget. Ever since then, our young men and women have consistently put their lives on the line for our freedom. What a shame that a short seven years later we cannot give one moment of remembrance to the lives that were taken out on that terrible day or to the thousands of men and women who are in service to our country right now. Even our presidential rivals, whether you like them or not, decided to hold back their ads in a joint effort to unify themselves in an effective way to pay homage to the terrible events of that day. And what happened to paying respect to our country by pledging allegiance to our flag. The great symbol of our country. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States Of America And to the republic for which it stands One Nation Under God Indivisible With Liberty and Justice for all I am surprised at how many people dont know the Pledge of allegiance, or for that matter the words to our national anthem. My husband served his country for 24 years and not a day goes by that he regrets it. He was 18 when he went in and he was glad to do it just like the many men and women who are actively serving today. It is hard on the families, harder still on the wives and children, no doubt, but all of them will tell you it is a privilege. So when you think of 9-11-2001, think about how many people were effected. I will tell you this, if my husbands life had to be sacrificed in service for his country, truth be told, it wouldnt be easy that`s for sure. But I would know his sacrifice was not in vain. Lori Messing Schroon Lake

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