Treadwell has the Adirondack approach and urban know-how

To the editor: I always wondered why people who do not live in an area, write about the area. I now know. It is because they feel close to a subject or have knowledge they wish to share. In this case I don't vote in the 20th Congressional District where Sandy Treadwell is running for Congressman, but I am very familiar with the person and a fair part of the area. I liken Sandy Treadwell's qualities to all the great qualities that my former supervisor, Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, possesses. Spending six years as the former Chief of Staff and campaign manager for the Assemblywoman, I am familiar with a good part of the 20th Congressional District. Sandy Treadwell has the Adirondack approach and the urban know how. He has the ability to grasp any situation and improve it or know enough not to fix what isn't broken. He speaks softly but bears listening to as his intelligence shines through with ideas, goals and ideals that everyone can believe in. Many of the 20th District voters are served in this state by Senator Betty Little and Assemblywoman Sayward. These are two fine people we trust to represent our cares, needs and values when they go to Albany. They do it well. We/you need that type of representation in Congress! Your district can only improve by sending "the man who cares" to Washington D.C. I can't think of a more cohesive team for the North Country than Sandy Treadwell in the 20th Congressional District and John McHugh in the 23rd District. I feel my vote counts in my district because of my representative's responsiveness to our needs. You can make sure your vote gets you solid representation in your district by voting for Sandy Treadwell Nov. 4. Win Belanger, Willsboro, NY

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