Watch for drive way

To the Times of Ti: I have thought long and hard concerning the location of my drive way and the many horn honks we have received while exiting it. Our home is located on the Ticonderoga side of Dead Mans Curve, NYSRte. 9 N. Right after we closed on the property I contacted NYS Department of Transportation asking what could be done to warn drivers of an upcoming hidden drive way. The only thing that could be done was, a sign was installed on the Crown Point side of the curve. Unfortunately, the sign is done without wording, most people apparently either dont pay attention, or they dont understand what the sign is saying. Our drive way has been in the same location for many a year. We have also contacted our local police department to ask if they had any suggestions for us. As we suspected, there isnt anything they can do. We do try to exit our drive way safely, but there are times that cars coming around the curve have had to brake or rear end our vehicle. We have done all we can to make the public aware of our drive way I know the speed limit coming around the curve is 55 mph, but it decreases to 40 within 2,000 feet from our drive way. We have made a conscious decision that we will no longer peel our tires getting out of our drive way. So if you feel the need to ignore the posted sign and honk your horn to show your frustration, then we will slow down to the slowest speed our vehicle will go to show ours. Margaret Olcott Ticonderoga

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