Make USA great again; vote Obama

To the Times of Ti: We think there are countermeasures and diplomacy to be used in dealing with other nations to avoid nuclear war, illegal wars and fear of terrorism. We dont want a hundred years of war in Iraq. Barack Obama will end this war justly and fairly. We think the USA is great. Our actions as a nation in the recent past have made us hated around the world. We are ashamed that our nation turns to torture for any purpose. The attack on 9/11 does not give us license to do base deeds; the fact that we do them demeans us as a people. We need to reclaim world friendships and cooperation between nations. Obama has the capability of sitting down with disagreeing world leaders as he has in Congress, in Illinois and in South Chicago. He will be a diplomat. What he lacks in experience, Joe Biden will provide. What a great team! Obama has a sane and logical approach to problems. Weve had enough of bellicosity, fear mongering and threats of more war. Obama knows the problems of the middle class. He advocates health care, better education, fewer taxes. How can we pay for this? Stop giving big tax breaks to oil barons and other corporations, and cut down on the greed and fraud in government. Obama promises to fix social security; McCain wants to privatize it. Fixing it can be done with a few minor changes that no one has been willing to make. Lets support the man with the fix-it plan! Not all the things that Obama wants to work for will have to be paid for by the taxpayers. He advocates more caring for others, more sensitivity, more helpfulness to neighbors. We can all make this come to fruition, and we dont even have to wait until January to begin. Lets start today to make the United States great again! Cathie and Stan Burdick Ticonderoga

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