Letter swayed voter to Obama

To the Times of Ti: I could not help but be appalled when I read the letter to the Times of Ti from a man named, John Sharkey titled, Dont let Obama become our president (Aug. 30). Of course, like any good Republican the writer begins by quoting the ultimate idol of the Grand Old Party, Ronald Reagan, the same president who while making the top 1 percent of the nations already wealthy even more wealthy happened to believe that the rest of us would be beneficiaries of a trickle down economic policy. In other words, the great communicator told us that we could have the crumbs from the cake plate. We did get a few of the crumbs, resulting in the fact that we inherited a huge national debt that took a Democrat eight long years to erase. Now, Mr. Sharkey, and he isnt alone, has seen fit to attack Barack Obama for believing that we as a nation can do better than we do for those less fortunate than many of us, both at home and abroad. He quoted Barack correctly but missed the entire meaning of the speech given. Mr. Sharkey asks, Are you (Obama) out of your freakin mind? This Mr. Sharkey asks of a man who believes we can do more for those who are hungry, those who are homeless, those who are jobless, those who have been injured in our latest wars and left to live on the streets and are receiving little if any health care, those of us who have no health care insurance, those of us forced to send our children to schools with minimum resources to provide decent educations for our children, and those who are elderly and must make a decision between needed prescription drugs and food. I havent even begun to name all the concerns this contender for the presidency considers and believes his faith tells him is right and just. I have a suspicion that we need only to read the Sermon on the Mount to know the core of Barack Obama. Sen. Obama never declared that the government should do it all, but rather that we as individually and collectively had better be thinking of the least of these. Mr. Sharkey needs to really study the facts on our nations economy and take the time to look about our own area of concern if he doesnt believe Mr. Obama. The medium income for a family of four in our area is about $21,000 dollars per year. Given the inflation rate that income is on par with incomes earned some 30 years ago. The value of that income will be even less when that family of four gets its heating bill this winter. I doubt that Mr. Bush, Mr. McCain and their cronies will even know what their heating bill will be this winter and if they do they wont worry about it. Another fact that Mr. Sharkey should become aware of is the fact that according to Center for Global Studies, a private U.S. think tank, the U.S. ranks about seventh in the world, based on our gross national income for aid to other countries. Other organizations rank us amongst the top 22 richest nations as being 21st at the bottom of the list for assistance (mostly military) for aid and environment. This is a very poor showing, but then again for the first time in our history we have become a debtor nation in order to finance a war based on lies and deceit given to the American people by an administration that has been dreaming of such a war since the days of Nixon. I do know that Barack was against this war and knew at the beginning what it really was all about. It had nothing to do with terrorism or 9/11. Get the facts, Mr. Sharkey. I am proud of the fact that in Barack Obama we have a man who can honestly say on one issue or another that it is beyond his pay grade. Such a statement shows not only integrity but also a man who like many of us, can admit that we do not have all the answers. We need a man like Barack Obama who can challenge us to think for ourselves instead of giving us all the pat answers that the political right is so often willing to do, even though they themselves do not believe their own voices. What startled me the most about the letter was the ending. Mr. Sharkey called the Democratic Party a bunch of hyenas waiting in the wings if Obama gets elected. We all know the image that Mr. Sharkey wanted us to envision. I found that image to repulsive, smacking of the worst kind of bigotry. Mr. Sharkey needs to learn that goodness comes from within and is not confined to one race, one political party or one particular religion. I think that even the Republicans would be offended by Mr. Sharkeys portrayal of the Democratic Party. So here is one votemineand it is for Barack Obama. Mr. Sharkey, thanks for making my mind up for me. I hope many others will be of the same opinion come November. Clay Wood Schroon Lake

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