Middlebury author is a master storyteller

MIDDLEBURY Author Stanford Pritchard graduated from Haverford College before studying as a Rockefeller Fellowship recipient at the University of Chicago. He has worked with various publications and is a poet, playwright and an accomplished jazz musician. He has taught writing at Middlebury Colleges Breadloaf campus and currently divides his time between Middlebury and New York City. Enter Pritchards Terminal Vibrato his latest book of witty short stories and novellas. Some are strange tales while others are very American stories indeed. I rather liked Pritchards first tale, Terminal Vibrato. It features a boxer who blacks out during a fight with a fellow fighter named Keady. He later wakes up in hospital and learns that there is a patient behind a curtain in a bed close to his. He wonders who this person is and concludes its a gentleman. Because boredom is eating him up, he starts a conversation with the other patient. The dialogue is intriguing with lots of contemplation and questions that make you as the reader think. This tale is about nurses as well a thing that Im sure the male population of readers will enjoy. It is quite an intriguing story. Read to the end of this story to find out who the gentleman is behind the curtain. Just Tell What Happened is another enjoyable tale; this one keeps you guessingpage after page you still dont get to know the whole story. You read on because you feel sure there must be more is there? Will this man help the police with the important information he may have about this violent crime that has been committed? Every time the tape reel runs out, the interview has to stop for a moment. I could feel the frustration some of these characters had. We all want to know the same answer: what happened? hence the title. More exquisite, well-written tales follow. Some have a twist towards the end so this should please those of you who like your stories with a bit of a surprise in store. Stories in this collection explore every aspect of life from relationships and the way we think to the struggle of loneliness and other questions about the human condition. Turning these pages, writes author Peter Glassgold of Vibrato, there is no other way to read them where one encounters heartbreak, one also finds wisdom and quiet smiles. Pritchard has completed three novels Bennys Mission, Summer and The Thrift Shop Murders. I loved this collection and spent all afternoon reading it. In fact, I couldnt put the book down. There is something for everyone inside. Which story will you read? Published with permission.

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