It's hard to hate a bunny - until now!

Hugh Hefner has lived one of the most interesting lives in history. Some consider the publisher of Playboy Magazine and consummate ladies man the luckiest male in the world; others view him as the devil incarnate. Regardless of your opinion, Mr. Hefner has enlightened millions of people over the years and played a major, albeit controversial, role in the womens liberation movement. Like all young boys, I vividly remember the day I saw my first Playboy Magazine. I was young (too young to mention) and highly unsophisticated in the ways of women. The unveiling occurred at recess (see, I told you I was too young) and was initiated when a friend told me he had snagged one of his dads girlie magazines. I was instinctually uncomfortable with the possible repercussions so I immediately dragged another friend into the fray. After spotting a barren and unassuming corner of the playground, the three of us huddled together as my friend slipped the magazine out of his backpack. He had obviously engaged in this activity before as he had a copy of Mad Magazine working as a wrapper to disguise the contraband. It took two or three flips before the first pictorial was revealed, but when it was, I sat aghast. I remember being awestruck by the female anatomy. Without going into too much detail, lets just say I was absolutely confused by what I saw. After a few more pictures, the guilt started to overtake me so I decided that it was probably safer to exit the situation ASAP. We casually reintegrated back into the school population and acted like nothing had happened. However, I was forever changed. Not surprisingly, to this day I have a special place in my heart for Playboy Bunnies. So when I heard a new comedy was being released that followed the travails of an excommunicated Bunny, I thought for nostalgias sake, I had to give it a try. The House Bunny is about a nude model who is thrown out of the Playboy mansion for being too old. In an effort to find honest employment, the blond bombshell applies for the position of housemother at a college sorority. As you might guess, the sorority girls at this house are anything but sexy. I admit that I gave this film little hope, but after viewing it I can attest that this is possibly the worst picture of 2008. My emotions ranged from boredom to disgust and disinterest to outright anger. I mean, this movie is so bad that I couldnt even fall asleep during it because of my level of irritation. Most people would write off a film revolving around a clueless blond, but I did have some hope. After all, Reese Witherspoon did find success in her two Legally Blond films. But lets not forget, Miss Witherspoon has also won an Oscar. Do yourself a favor and avoid any temptation to see this film. Even if you thought a few cameos by Mr. Playboy himself (and his three girlfriends) were tempting, I promise you, no amount of beautiful women could salvage this picture. Put your money toward another film even if youve already seen it before. A completely insulting D- for The House Bunny. Got a question or comment for Dom? Contact him at moviediary@comcast.net VIDEO REVIEW Harvey Here's a classic from 1950 that leading man James Stewart called one of his all-time favorite roles. The story of Harvey revolves around Elwood, an odd middle-aged man whose constant companion is an invisible rabbit. While Elwood is perfectly content living in his strange delusional dream world, those around him have a much rougher time handling the situation. Adapted to film from the Pulitzer Prize winning play, Harvey was hailed as a comedic triumphant upon its release. If youre in the mood for a good old fashioned comedy, give Harvey a try. Its guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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