MxPx is Higher Ground's "secret weapon"

SOUTH BURLINGTON What would Jesus do? To appeal to todays youth, would he spike his hair, tattoo his arms, and wear lip rings? Although Christian punk sounds like an oxymoron, groups like MxPx have long used hard-driving pop-punk to inspire faith and rebirth in their audiences. First formed as Magnified Plaid over 15 years ago by three good Bremerton, Washington teens, MxPx will deliver its higher message at Higher Ground Sept. 13. Experience the first two tracks of MxPxs latest album, Secret Weapon, on YouTube.com, and youll see why the energetic trio can easily transport people into worship mode. You are your own secret weapon, enthused Mike Herrera on the title track, Its all up to you! Then, enhanced by Yuri Ruleys driving drums and Tom Wisniewskis great guitar riffs, MxPxs Shut it Down advocates throwing away your cellphone and trading digital images for real people. So whats it gonna be, Herrera demands, A chat room or your family? Were portrayed as good guys, and we are good guys, admitted Herrera. We dont swear at the audience or tell girls to get naked on stagewere just real with people. Earlier this year, the Gospel Music Association recognized the spiritual power of Secret Weapon by nominating the CD for a Dove Award as Rock Album of the Year. And two years ago, the City of Bremerton honored the upright trio by presenting them with the key to the city. YouTube.com is loaded with MxPx material, but, if you want a good introduction to their work, check out their recently issued The Ultimate Collection. Mainly because the group has jumped labels in the past, the two-disc collection isnt as ultimate as it could be, but it will give you some idea of what the fervent shouting, clapping, and hand waving is all about. MxPxs Sept. 13 show starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15. If youre hoping for naked women on the stage, go elsewhere. Higher Ground is at 1214 Williston Rd. in South Burlington. For further info, go to highergroundmusic.com or call 802-652-0777. You can also order tickets by phone at 888-512-7469.

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