Notes from the Pit: Palin is packin'... strange sidewalks... and a man named Church

Labor Day has come and gone, signalling the End of Fun for most, while promising Good Times ahead for me... Yes sir, Im glad its over. This summer has caused a lot of headaches for me which disturbs me to no end. I prefer it when summer flies by without any major news in my two fields of expertise (politics and sport) leaving me to sit quietly and sweat profusely. You see, I have grown accustomed to the harsh Adirondack winters, and can no longer tolerate temperatures in excess of 60 degrees... So you can imagine my discomfort when John McCain had a senior-moment and made a decision sure to cause many long and sleepless nights in the Morris Household. Thats right, Im talking about Sarah Palin, who at the very least has better aim than Dick Cheney and knows how to wield a high-powered assault rifle. Did you see that picture? I found it in the New York Post. Palin was checking the sights on what looked like a United States military issue M4 assault rifle, with a headline touting her as potentially the first female vice president. Politics aside, its a strange strategical move on McCains part. One of his strongest cases against an Obama presidency was the Illinois senators lack of experience but now, McCain has a running mate who has served as governor of Alaska for less than two years. Forget about the Treadwell/Gillibrand debates, Im tuning in exclusively for the Biden v. Palin contests. And Palin may want to consider holstering a sidearm for those it might be her only chance at coming out on top. And thats it for politics, I need to get back to neutral before I can write anymore about the election. Perhaps Ive spent too much time with my liberal-minded friends. I feel that as a journalist, its my responsibility to at least pretend to be unbiased about the whole thing. Oh well. Im fairly sure that at least one-third of you reading this live in Saranac Lake. If not, feel free to skip a few paragraphs. A number of people residing on Lake Flower Avenue are wondering what exactly the village of Saranac Lake intends to do with the stretch of road between NBT Bank and the Grand Union plaza. The road hasnt been fixed, and winter is looming, which leads me to believe that the Village is hoping that the plow trucks will tear up most of the faulty road this winter, allowing for less work come spring. I wondered this the other day as I walked the undulating black top that is supposed to resemble a sidewalk alongside Lake Flower Ave. Frankly, its ugly. But at least theyve painted a yellow line down the sidewalks edge, warning me not to pass other pedestrians. This short work week has completely thrown me out of whack, and its time to start wrapping this thing up. But I cant help thinking about a man I met in Long Lake last week. I was at a wine-and-cheese event at the camp of some uber-rich antitrust lawyer, feeling out-of-place and very young, when a man with a mathematical symbol tattooed on his forehead approached me. It all boils down to one thing, one Richard Dwight Church told me. The worst four-letter word a person ever uttered luck. L-U-C-K. Luck. Between McCain and Mr. Church, Im not sure how Im going to get any sleep between now and Nov. 4. Chris Morris is the news editor at Denton Publications. He can be reached at chrism@denpubs.com

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