Suicide awareness

To the editor: The American Association of Suicidology has announced National Suicide Prevention Week as Sept. 7-13. In our country, one person dies every 16 minutes from suicide if it were any other illness, we would be calling this an epidemic. Under the Mobilization for Action through Planning and Partnerships project in our tri-county area, a sub-committee on community education has been working to bring the facts of suicide and its prevention to many schools, community groups and the general public. A suicide hotline for Clinton County is in its first year of operation complementing the warm lines in Essex and Franklin counties. People of all ages are becoming aware that the risk for suicide is increased in depressed and alcoholic individuals with feelings of hopelessness one of the greatest predictors. The good news is that the vast majority of individuals who are suicidal often display clues and warning signs. We are asking you to think of the mnemonic IS PATH WARM? I Ideation S Substance Abuse P Purposelessness A Anxiety T Trapped H Hopelessness W Withdrawal A Anger R Recklessness M Mood Change If you see any of these signs in your friends or relatives for more than a week, contact a health provider or the Clinton County Suicide Hotline at 1-866-5PREVENT (1-866-577-3838). The TTY is 1-877-829-1278. It takes all of us to prevent the next suicide. MAPP Sub-Committee on Community Education, Bonnie Black, BHSN Chris Blake, CVPH MaryAnne Cox, NAMI:CV Michelle Hills, EAHCN Lee Vera, EAHN Laurie Williams, CCPH

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