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To the Times of Ti: The North Country has a proud agricultural tradition, but family farms that have been here for generations are disappearing. When a farm closes it has a ripple effect. Sandy Treadwell understands how important agriculture is to our local economy in upstate New York and he knows that our interests have not been Washingtons priority when it comes to setting ag policy. That is why he has pledged to push for an appointment to the House Committee on Agriculture if he is elected. Sandy grew up on a dairy farm right here in our Adirondacks that has been in his family for three generations. During his campaign, he has made a point of visiting local farms and hears first hand about the issues we face every day. Hes right on the issues regional pricing, buy-local initiatives and has promised to support programs like MILC that are so critical for farming. He has pledged never to vote for a tax increase on individuals or businesses, including farms. Hes for permanent repeal of the death tax, getting rid of the alternative minimum tax and the capital gains tax. On energy, Sandy was outspoken about the need to drill offshore for oil and natural gas before it was politically popular and to invest in alternative energy. He wants to scale back government incentives for corn-based ethanol that has increased the price of ag feed and reinvest the money in renewable energy that will benefit our region, not hurt us. This is the leadership we can expect from Sandy Treadwell. He will do the right thing always, not what Washington politicians say. We have someone who comes from the heart of the Adirondacks and is the right choice for us all. I hope you will join me on Nov. 4 in voting for Sandy Treadwell for Congress. Fred Pereau Port Henry

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