Vote for Oot, vote for change

To the editor: A unique opportunity faces us Election Day. In over 155 years our Congressional District has not elected a Democrat to Congress. The choice this year is clearer than it has ever been. We must elect Mike Oot a Democrat to Congress instead of Republican John McHugh. John McHugh is a good person whom Ive known for over 20 years, but he has voted 90 percent of the time to support President Bush and look what that has gotten us. John McHugh supported Bushs idea to partially privatize Social Security and that would have put our money at risk on Wall Street, where it seems only the rich have gotten richer. How do those of you receiving Social Security and those of you who will receive it think your social security funds would have fared on Wall Street with its collapse if Congressman McHugh had had his way? You would all be in very serious financial trouble even worse than you already are. Congressman McHugh, not unlike John McCain, thinks that our Health Care System is working in America and should not be changed. Do you agree with McHugh and McCain that it is working? Or do you feel like I do that it is not and that way too many of us especially here in the North Country arent getting the medical attention we need? If we can spend over $ 100 billion dollars a year in Iraq as both John McCain and John McHugh want dont you think that that money could be better spent towards improving our Health Care System? Again, if you agree with me that it would be better spent to improve our Health Care System and to help restore our way of life then you should be voting to elect Democrat Mike Oot as our Congressman. Finally I dont agree with Congressman McHugh on his vote to bailout Wall Street by our Country simply printing an additional $700 billion dollars for that purpose. Congressman McHugh gives us all the standard Whitehouse response in that it was done to help us here on Main Street, USA. Has it helped? One reason he gives is that it will allow parents to borrow for their childrens college since credit will not be as tight. Well, couldnt our Government simply have made available the $ 8 to $ 10 billion dollars needed for college loans and loaned the money out itself? I think they could have and hopefully so do you. Ask yourself if you are better off today than you were 8 years ago before President Bush and his staunch supporter Congressman McHugh had their way in Washington and on Wall Street? If you are like me and a vast majority of others that I know you certainly are not! Therefore if you are not better off today than you were eight years ago then you have only one viable option this Election Day and that is to elect Mike Oot to Congress. Together we can restore our Country to its previous greatness and at the same time make our lives better in the process. Lets give a hoot and vote for Oot, Mike Oot that is. Vote Row A all the way! Dean D. Lefebvre, Tupper Lake

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