Firing of voting inspector unfair

To the editor: As Supervisor of the Town of Elizabethtown, I serve all voters equally and am proud and honored to be supported by people of all political designation. Unfortunately, that cross-party support has resulted in a long-time Democratic inspector for the Town of Elizabethtown being removed from her job. An apparent political payback, orchestrated by Elizabethtown Democratic Committeeman David Mace and Essex County Democratic Chair Sue Corey, resulted in the firing of one of our Towns Democratic inspectors. When the former inspector inquired as to the reason of her dismissal, the unequivocal explanation from the Essex County Democratic Chair, Sue Corey, was You had Republican candidate signs on your lawn. This remark is coming from the political boss who orchestrated the petitioning for and Democratic endorsement of a Republican Elizabethtown Town Committeeman. Thats right; the Town Democratic Committee openly endorsed a Republican, but fired this inspector for doing the same. I appeal to the people in Elizabethtown to question your Democratic committee leaders, David and Penelope Mace, about this dubious double standard. The inspector in question has selflessly served her constituency for over 30 years. She has been a cornerstone for the Town Democratic Committee for generations and we should all, regardless of party affiliation, be outraged at this big city, strong arm action. There is no place for these principals in our town. Public servants of her elite, meritorious membership deserve only the utmost gratitude and thanks for their special service to our open election process. I am proud to have had my candidacy supported by this individual and I personally and publicly apologize for the unsavory developments that have resulted from her generous support. Noel Merrihew, Supervisor, Town of Elizabethtown

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