Common Christians aren't so common

What is a normal Christian? It often comes as a surprise to us when we see a person who is so completely in love and faithfully devoted to the Lord that we begin to see them in a different light. We think of them as a spiritual superhero that has had a unique encounter with the Lord and we tell ourselves that it is impossible for us to live like that. We begin to tell others that these superhero Christians will someday become a pastor or a great missionary. After all, people who are really serious about Christianity, and who actually live what they believe must be destined for great things because they are special people. But could we be wrong? Is it possible that the vast majority, the overwhelming majority in fact of Christians live such shallow and shabby lives, that when a person who comes along acting as a Christian should really act, he stands out as the one who is odd and unfamiliar? Could it be that for most of us our lives are so far removed from any hint of spirituality that when a person exposes our own hypocrisy by their Godly example, we look to them as if they are special to minimize our glaring insufficiencies? If they are special Christians, then that makes us feel better because we apparently were not chosen to be special ourselves, and had we been chosen to be special like they were, well then, we would be just like them. So in the end it all evens out. Or does it? A normal Christian is the one whose life is hidden within Christ so much so that it becomes an impossible task to determine where the man and the God he serves begins and ends. What classifies as a normal Christian today does not fit the description of what we find in the Bible. A Christian who does not live a Godly life, is not the normal one. He is abnormal because he is in fact a dead man posing as a living human being (Gal. 2:20). But we have redefined the term normal and stripped it from those who truly deserve the title, and handed it down to you and I who represent the vast majority of Christian living. Those who tip our hats to God in our worship service, cry out to him when we get in a pickle, and otherwise live our lives as if we are no different than the world around us. We are not the normal ones. The one who knows his God, and serves him without wavering is the one who is truly living out the life that he has been given. He is the normal one in the crowd, and we should not expect him to go on to greater things (although perhaps he may) but rather we should follow that conviction in our hearts and strive to become a normal Christian in our own right. The problem with the common Christian is that he or she is not so very common. Rev. Nathan Dick is pastor of Panton Community Baptist Church in Addison County, Vt.

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