Treadwell won't raise taxes

To the editor: I understand that Sandy Treadwell has taken an official pledge NEVER to vote in favor of raising taxes if elected to Congress. This would not be the first politician to make such a promise to voters, but Mr Treadwell has a very good reputation as bring a man of his word. As a North Country resident, I know I can believe him when he makes such a vow. With Washingtons planned $700 billion bailout for investment firms and banks that have made poor decisions on Wall Street, tax increases are the last thing we need. This is a sensitive and uneasy time and I wish I could believe that our representatives will not make it even worse be placing even more of a tax burden where business and working families are feeling the effects of this struggling economy. Mr. Treadwell is worried, as I am, that members of Congress will view tax increases as the only solution to the effects of this bailout. If Congress and Kristen Gillibrand support such a bailout then Sandy Treadwell believes they better have a plan in place for us in the North Country so we do not feel the effects of it down the road. I believe Sandy is right and I believe in Sandy Treadwell has taken an oath never to raise a tax, then that is good enough to get my vote. Jean E. Murphy Saranac Lake

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