Skidmore professor to host foreign affairs roundtable

NEWCOMB Professor of Government at Skidmore College Roy Ginsberg will moderate a roundtable discussion Wednesday, Sept. 29 at 7 p.m. in the Newcomb Central School auditorium. The evening will be centered on current issues of foreign affairs and the respective positions of each of the Presidential candidates. The discussion is entitled, After the Bush Administration: The foreign policy positions of U.S. Presidential candidates Obama and McCain. The roundtable discussion is logically and thoroughly organized in order to present the appropriate amounts of both fact and opinion. Ginsberg will begin with a presentation regarding a participant-chosen topic within the realm of foreign affairs. His presentation will reveal the facts of the chosen issue as well as how it relates to the current race for the U.S. Presidency. Ginsberg will then move from presenter to moderator, as participants will be given the opportunity to ask questions and express their thoughts on the issue. Its not a debate, its a discussion, Ginsberg said. The intention of the evening is to be informative as well as to encourage local residents to consider both their views, and their influence on foreign affairs. The roundtable discussion will conclude with Ginsberg providing a summary of the major points approached throughout the evening. Possible topics of discussion could range from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, rising consumer prices, transnational terrorism and the influence of Russia on current foreign affairs. The prominent undertone, however, will surround how the global topic of foreign affairs affects places such as Newcomb, and how local residents fit into such broad subject areas. I think its important for Newcomb citizens to see how they fit into the rest of the world, Ginsberg added. As cold weather nears and most of us are preparing to retreat to our homes for a long winter, take advantage of a time to escape and engage in some intriguing conversation. The upcoming foreign affairs roundtable is catered toward all local residents despite their familiarity with foreign affairs. The only requirement is that all who come bring along an open mind and a hunger for information, as well as engaging discussion. Interested participants are encouraged to visit the websites of both Barack Obama and John McCain to educate themselves on the foreign policy plans of each candidate, as well as to familiarize themselves with prominent foreign affairs issues in general. Citizens of all ages and political affiliations are encouraged to attend the roundtable. With the approaching election and amidst a flurry of rising foreign affairs issues, now is a time to educate ourselves on global issues despite our rural proximity. Newcomb is very much a part of the world, said Ginsburg.

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