Obama is wrong for America

To the Times of Ti: Barack Obama is not the change we can believe in. Obama loves to try and relate to the middle class by mentioning what they talk about around their kitchen tables. He focuses on healthcare and the economy. I agree these issues are important, but heres what I talk about around my table. Obama is considered to be the most liberal senator. The area where this concerns me the most is the issue of abortion. Did you know that Obama voted against a bill that would protect the lives of babies that survive a botched abortion? We may not all agree when life begins, but most can agree that denying life to a baby who survived this evil process is inhumane. Did you also know that Obama supports government funding for abortion, and that some of your hard-earned money is already helping to pay for organizations that promote casual sex yet profit from abortion (see it for yourself at takecaredownthere.org). Did you know that Obama is against legislation that would require parents to be notified when their minor child crosses state lines to have an abortion? This is a big problem! Obama also has an undeniable shady past. He started his campaign in the home of an unrepentant domestic terrorist, William Ayers. Now he tries to cover up his ties with him saying he was just a guy in his neighborhood. He sat under a black liberation theology pastor for 20 years who rants anti-American and white folks greed sermons, yet Obama denies ever hearing him say those things. It angers me that he thinks Im that naﶥ. And what about his close relationship with Frank Marshall Davis, a communist who was investigated by the CIA. How about ACORN? The Obama campaign has given them over $800,000 and now they are being investigated for voter fraud in over 14 states. Fellow citizens, Obama has consistently demonstrated poor judgment. He may have eloquent speeches, but we cannot afford to vote him to be our next president. If so, we are as sheep headed to the slaughter. Carrie Savage Mineville

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