Who is he?

To the editor: 1. U.S. Sen. Obama is a socialist. Socialism: a social system based on shared or government ownership and administration of production and distribution. Obama wants big government in control, especially of your money. 2. Obama was not just a lawyer for the organization ACORN (the group that is guilty of fraudulently registering potential voters multiple times). He has invested a great deal of money in Acorn along with Bill Ayers (former Weatherman domestic terrorist) to conduct programs in Chicago Schools to radicalize and politicize students. (This according to a report released by the University of Illinois). He was also as part of ACORN helping people to get those loans they really couldnt afford. 3. One of Sen. Obamas chief financial supporters was Tony Rezko, who is on his way to prison. 4. Sen. Obama belonged to a radical church for 23 years. There is no way an intelligent person could attend a church for that many years and not realize the pastor is a racist and anti-American, whose first allegiance is to Africa. 5. Obamas stance on partial-birth abortion is deplorable. 6. Obama believes inflating your tires will save gas. That will certainly makes us energy independent. 7. Obama has been on both sides of the fence on just about every issue showing his inexperience. I am afraid he will let Iraq collapse and be taken in by Iran. Is he capable of taking care of the safety of this country? 8. Barack Obama has never been a leader or in charge of anything. He has never been in a position where the buck stops. 9. I dont hear passion in his voice for the United States of America, the greatest country in the world its not without faults, but still the best. 10. Be sure you know what you are voting for. Please think about our country and the foundation it was built on when you vote. Karlene Callahan, Middlebury

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