We are the products of our choices

I tend to reminisce a lot. Often times I think back to the way my life was lived when I was in school, right after I was newly married, and all those years I spent working in manufacturing facilities. I have some great and sad stories of childhood. I remember places, peoples, smells, foods, and all sorts of other things that fit together to make up the story of my life. After a recent bout of reminiscing, an amazing revelation came to me. I am in the place I am at in my life right now because of the choices I made (and didnt make) while growing up. Some of them were good and some of them were bad. I like to think of the good ones such as: choosing a Christian wife who walks with the Lord, which has lead to a wonderful marriage; the decision to avoid drugs and alcohol has sparred many broken relationships and life threatening situations; the decision to believe in Christ and to allow Him to choose my directions and involvement in every decision I made. To attend church on a regular basis so I could grow up in the knowledge of the Lord and to learn how to please and honor him. I am the product of my choices. You see, we are standing where we are today as a direct result of the choices we made yesterday. Where we stand tomorrow depends on the choices we make today. Does that encourage you to make solid choices in the present? Perhaps you see how far off the mark you life has come from what you always dreamed. May that be a lesson for us to choose the best way for living. You will be living with todays set of choices for the rest of your life. Make sure they are good ones. King Rehoboam (1 Kings 12), the fourth king of Israel, serves as an illustration of this very truth. He followed after the wisest of all the Kings, King Solomon. The people requested of King Rehoboam to lighten their work load because his father Solomon had put heavy demands on them. Rehoboam took counsel from two different sources. One was from the wise men who served King Solomon and they advised him to listen to the people and to do as they said. If he did then the people would always follow the new king. But Rehoboam rejected this advice and took counsel from his friends, those without wisdom and experience, and followed their advice to make the peoples burdens harder. This caused the people to rebel, the nation of Israel to split into two, and civil wars broke out among their own people. At long last the nation fell into the hands of another nation. All of this destruction happened because he took the wrong advice. Our choices have a huge impact on the outcome of our life. Where you are tomorrow is determined by the choices you make today. Lets make them good ones. Rev. Nathan Dick is pastor of Panton Community Baptist Church. He lives in Addison County with his wife Stephanie and three children. He is a graduate of Calvary Bible College in Kansas City, Mo., where he majored in pastoral studies and advanced biblical studies. He and Stephanie serve with Village Missions, a Christian ministry that places full-time pastors in rural churches

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