Vermont ghosts: A to Z

Editors Note: In anticipation of Halloween, this is part two of a three-part series looking at Weird Vermont. In case you havent noticed, Vermont is a shadowland. In the autumn of the year, when tree leaves fade from summer green to muted colors of a passing, happier season, thoughts turn to the lost souls of people, young and old, caught in a misty labyrinth hovering between the physical world and the afterlife. Below are just a few of the many reported ghost and goblin sightings in the Green Mountain State. This excerpted list of ghostly goings on comes to us courtesy the Shadowlands.net. We cant verify if the following accounts are true or not, but they are certain to keep any ghostbuster awake through many a stormy night. Bennington-Glastenberry Mountain: Native Americans called this place cursed and used it strictly for burying their dead. Over the years, there have been between 30-40 unexplained disappearances on this mountain (see the Oct. 4 issue of the Addison Eagle). The trails stop partially up the mountain suggesting that no one goes up there. When you walk into the forest of the mountain you don't hear anything living; it's as though even the animals don't dare to tread here. Bomoseen-Lake Bomoseen: The ghost town of West Castleton now stands completely abandoned, but it was once home to Irish immigrant slate workers who were fond of crossing Lake Bomoseen to a tavern on the east shore. One night, three men set out for a night of carousing. They never returned. The next morning, their boat was found floating empty. Their bodies were never found. Today, lakeside residents claim that sometimes during a full moon, an unfamiliar ghostly rowboat can be seen moving silently across the lake toward the West Castleton Bay. No oars disturb the otherwise glassy surface. Are these three men still trying to get home? Burlington-Carburs Restaurant: A man who once worked here killed himself in the basement. The bullet went through his head and into the wall. You can still see the bullet hole in the basement. Most encounters happen in the basement, which houses the kitchen and tapped kegs under the bar. Waitresses reported their skirts being lifted up from a cold wind. Doors always slam closed, trapping waitresses in the basement's walk-in. Waitresses were told not to even go down in the basement anymore. The basement is also connected to other old buildings in downtown Burlington by various tunnels from the prohibition era. There are a lot of reports of hearing people talking throughout the restaurant when no one is there. The ghost seems to mess mostly with women. A lot of breaking glasses, plates flying off of counters and sudden increased oven temps too. Bartender (female) reported a pyramid of water glasses appearing on the bar, right after she had put the glasses away and turned her back for a second. Burlington-Champlain College, Aiken Hall (Dorm): Throughout the whole dorm an uneasy feeling is common. In an upstairs bedroom noises have been heard and the television randomly turns off on it's own. People have been touched by the spirit, one girl felt her hair being played with, while another girl felt hands on her shoulders. Cold spots are common. Noises throughout the room have kept people awake at night. Hauntings are still occurring today, in 2003. Burlington-University of Vermont, Center for Counseling and Testing: The former director saw the ghost of Captain Jacobs, a retired seaman who died there in the early part of the 20th century. Also, mild poltergeist activity has been reported there as recently as 1992. Castleton-Castleton State College: Two hundred yards off of off of Castleton State College lies an abandoned building. The inside is filled untouched museum pieces that appear to have been left behind. Although there is no way to enter the buildingthe objects inside seemed to get tossed around. Castleton-Castleton State College, Ellis Hall: Ellis Hall has been part of Castleton State College for years. On the second floor in this building a girl student killed herself and now students here her flushing toilets running showers and the sink in the bathroom. Almost every building at Castleton State is Haunted. Cavendish-Wheelock Farmhouse: The house was a farmhouse in Cavendishbuilt by Deacon Jonathon Wheelock in 1789, when he founded the first Episcopalian church there. he was victim of a violent accident that took his life. Every so often encounters of classic poltergeist activity (things not where they were left, including being moved from room to room when no-one else was in the house, things falling off shelves, etc.), which eventually culminated in sightings. On rare occasions, witnesses would wake up and see a bluish form, vaguely human-shaped, either looking at them or out the window of the rooms (depending on who was encountering the ghost at the time. Cuttingsville-Bowman House: This house is haunted by an unidentified woman. Hartford-The Haunted Railroad Bridge : During the late 1800s, a fire occurred on the original railroad trestle. A train with passenger cars was involved and eight people died, including a boy and his father. The old wooden bridge was replaced with a steel structure on the original concrete footings. The bridge spans the White River and Route 14 in West Hartford. There have been numerous sightings of a little boy ghost playing in the river. Many people have even reported smelling fire in the area of the old bridge. Pittsford - Vermont Police Academy: Years ago the Vermont Police Academy was a state hospital for tuberculosis victims. The academy, to this day, is haunted by a nurse who worked at the hospital and while there, contracted the disease herself. All of the old call buttons are still in the recruits' rooms, and it is said that if pushed, the friendly ghost of the nurse, Mary, will pay a visit during the night. Rutland-Rutland High School: When Rutland High School was first getting built there was a man who operated the cement mixer. He was called Smokey because he smoked like six packs a day. Well one day he disappeared. The foreman thought he just took off and didn't give it a second thought. Once the school opened girls started smelling smoke in the girls locker room. At first everyone thought that some one was smoking before gym class. The female gym teacher then stood guard to catch anyone smoking. She never caught anyone but the smoke smell is always there. Rutland - Shut Down Paper Company: Haunted by an executive that went to the third floor, and Shot himself in the head, now he Haunts the Building. Lights will come off and On during the Night on the Third floor and there is no way to get in there unless you had a ladder and a Crowbar. Salisbury - Shard Villa - The house was owned by a familywho are now deceased. The house is now used as an old folks home. People who live their claim they have heard glass breaking, but when they look nothing is broken. They have seen a young girl who wears a red dress and walks about and is friendly with the residents. Shelburne-Wake Robin: Wake Robin is a nursing home, and in room 229 youll find a ghost. There was a lady who used to stay in the room. Before she died, she told the nurses that she would come back to haunt them. She said that she would ring the bell and haunt them. There are also two more downstairs. They is a ghostly couple that occasionally hits the bell to the elevator and runs up and down the hallways. Special thanks to the Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings (The Shadowlands.net) for permission to excerpt this article. Many of these sites are on private property. Permission must be requested before crossing private land.

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