Police warn about children and cell phones

QUEENSBURY The Warren County Sheriffs Department is asking that people keep inactivated cell phones out of the hands of youngsters after recently receiving dozens of nuisance phone calls from children at their dispatch center. A nine-year-old girl identifying herself as Hannah Montana called 911 more than 30 times Oct. 6 and reported a several false incidents to county police dispatchers, police said. In one call, she reported a house on fire in Granville, and in another call, said a fight was in progress, but both calls were unfounded. In another series of incidents in late August and late September, a seven-year-old boy made more than 230 hang-up 911 calls, which prompted investigation by police and tied up police personnel in assuring the child was okay. On both occasions, the callers location was determined through GPS technology, and the children were questioned about the respective incident. Warning that such calls can result in felony charges of Falsely reporting an Incident, the county Sheriffs Dept. is warning adults to keep inactivated cell phones away from children, as they still are able to reach 911 according to federal law even though they no longer have a phone number assigned to them. They suggest removing batteries from phones before handing them over to children as a toy.

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