Feud heats up in Stony Creek

STONY CREEK A feud involving a town official and a local resident has escalated recently with both parties exchanging accusations and legal charges. William Bormann, 51, of John Hill Rd. is charged with Reckless Endangerment, a misdemeanor, while Stony Creek Highway Superintendent Neil Bradley was charged in 2007 with Criminal Impersonation, also a misdemeanor for actions they allegedly took against each other. Court records indicate accusations and charges have been exchanged several times. The impersonation charge was dropped. This whole situation is %#@ ridiculous, Bradley said in a phone interview on Friday. He spray painted my #@%! social security number in the road, for Gods sake. According to Bormann, who was interviewed after appearing in Lake George Town Court on Thursday, Bradley has been harassing him since 2003 when he sent a letter of complaint to the town board regarding Bradleys repeated excessive use of speed on John Hill Rd. I told him to slow the town truck down then I sent a letter to the town board, Bormann said. I dont know him and I dont want to know him. Bormann said that since the letter, Bradley has regularly harassed him, shining spotlights on his house at 4 a.m. and attempting to run him down with a town vehicle. Bormann said that he decided to press charges when he realized that his telephone service had been shut off by someone who had impersonated his identity. Its a good thing I got a hold of the power company, Bormann said. They were about to shut off my power too. Bradley vehemently denies all the allegations against him, except the claim that he spotlighted Bormanns house on one occasion. I cruise every road first thing, to see what needs to be done, Bradley said. I spotlighted his house once, because the lights were flashing on and off I was simply concerned. According to Bradley, Bormann recently charged toward him with his vehicle in the parking lot of Bradleys business in Stony Creek, hence the Reckless Endangerment charge. I dont think he was trying to hit me, but he backed me right into the wall with his vehicle, Bradley said. Bormann denies the allegations, and said he has proof that he was at Wal-Mart when the incident is said to have occurred. No matter how hard I try, I cant be in two places at once, Bormann said. Bradley also said that having charges leveled against him due to complaints from Bormann is becoming a recurring theme. Its amazing, I have been charged so many times because of him (Bormann) and nothing ever comes of it, Bradley said. According to Bradley, an order of protection for Bormann against him is interfering with his ability to do his job. John Hill Rd is a back road, my guys and I typically stay away from it these days, Bradley said. He (Bormann) thinks he owns that road, but it belongs to the citizens of Stony Creek. Bradley has another charge leveled against him from a mother of a 15-year old boy in Stony Creek. Bradley was recently charged of Harassment after an incident involving the boy, a customer at Bradleys store, Creek Center Mercantile. According to court documents, Bradley is accused of throwing the boy to the ground while removing him from the store for being disruptive. Bradley says he merely guided him out the door. I did not throw him to the ground, Bradley said. He is a good kid. Bradley said that he thinks that his outspoken personality may be why some members of the community have turned against him. I speak my mind, I am not one to b.s. anybody, he said. I am not an angel but I do my job wellI have been reelected three times. A special counsel has been requested by Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan to deal with the cases involving the Bormann-Bradley feud. According to Washington County District Attorney Kevin Kortright, his office will be handling the situation.

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