Understanding the dangers of toxic mold

With the recent headlines in the news regarding mold, Richard J. Dame said its important to have your home or business thoroughly inspected. Dame, who owns and operates Wet Basements Made Dry, said he has seen all too often the adverse effects on a persons health due to stachybotrys more commonly known as black toxic mold. In his 46 years experience as a foundation damage specialist, he has worked to do just what his business says making wet basements dry. However, its only been in recent years when the issue of black toxic mold has gained widespread national attention. Its really a serious thing to deal with, said Dame. Many people have it in their homes and the worst part is theyre not only putting themselves at risk, theyre putting their kids, their grandkids at risk, without even knowing it. Most recently, Mooers Elementary School made headlines regarding the discovery of mold in the schools kindergarten rooms. In that instance, it was a different form of mold found penicillium/aspergillus, which is a common but still potentially toxic form of mold. While Dames business wasnt the firm that dealt with the clean-up of the schools mold problem, Dame said taking the situation seriously as the Northeastern Clinton Central School District did is important. The Environmental Protection Agency states the only way to eliminate the problem of mold is to clean it up and eliminate all sources of moisture. Thats where Dames business comes in. Typically, basements are the main source of moisture due to little or no ventilation, thereby creating an environment perfect for creating mold, he said. His business locates the source of moisture and eliminates them, leaving them completely dry 100 percent guaranteed. In a lot of cases, you wont see mold in your basement because you have things up against the wall covering where the mold is, Dame explained. Its not until you move them or inspect the area closer that you can see it. Theres no need to have water in your basement at all, Dame continued. You can make them just as dry as your living room. You can even put carpeting down there. The baseboard system is a method Dames business uses to control moisture in basements. A drain tile system installed under the floor diverts water out of the basement, eliminating the moisture that creates toxic mold. In severe conditions where water damage has already caused the buckling of basement walls, Dames business can also straighten and reinforce walls, restabilizing them and saving the buildings foundation. We havent found a basement yet that we couldnt make completely dry, said Dame. And, when you can accomplish something like this that can help improve peoples health, it makes you feel good. Wet Basements Made Dry may be reached by calling 561-2871. For more information about black mold, visit the EPA Web site at www.epa.gov/mold/moldresources.html.

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