The truth about Ticonderoga's hospital

To the Times of Ti: Memories of special events that were to effect the whole town of Ticonderoga. A town struggling to convince a mortgage company to build a new needed hospital with no success. In the mean time our existing hospital employed Dr. Marshall. I had an emergency I had to rush my husband to emergency room, grabbing the first doctor that came along, Dr. Marshall that later asked me to help him in applying for a mortgage to build a new hospital. I did help him and beside I passed a petition getting 300 people to sign it. With both our efforts the mortgage was OKed and we built the newer now existing hospital. For my help, Helen Poole, I was invited by the hospital board to attend their meeting. I volunteered six years in billing to future help. The enclosed is the true story of how our new hospital happens to be. Needless to say all is soon forgotten, yet I remain proud in the help I gave. Somehow I felt you should know the truth. Helen Poole, Ticonderoga

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