Gossip a danger in a small community

To the Times of Ti: This letter is bringing up a subject that we all have fallen victim to. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of gossip here. I was born here in Ticonderoga and enjoy living here. Like others, life has thrown a few strokes of bad luck at me, but the amount of gossip and lies is terrible. I think as a small community we would work together toward the same goals. My goals are to do my best to make sure my children are happy, safe and educated. I have better things to do than talk about others. Im not totally innocent of this crime myself. Ive made mistakes in my life, who doesnt? So in closing, I would like to say that the next time you think about what someone else is doing take a long look at yourself and say, is this right or wrong? Lynn Kerr, Chilson

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