Court leaves people looking for justice

To the Times of Ti: With a stunning decision a six-panel jury recently voted to deny justice and to give license to assault. The decision, in effect, condones the assault of, in this case, an unarmed and defenseless woman by a bigger and much stronger male. He, in fact, admitted that he punched the woman in the face, resulting in breaking her nose in three places. Their decision seems to imply that this is acceptable behavior in our society, or at least in the town where this assault took place. They had the opportunity to make the statement that this conduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, but instead seem to make it permissible and acceptable. The defense based its case on the fact that the defendant was justified, that it was self defense, that he had no recourse than to punch the woman in the face and break her nose. Their witnesses were the defendant and his brother. The people presented two witnesses in addition to the victim that stated the woman never touched the male assailant. One in fact even stated that she was perky, happy-go-lucky. Their case was that this was an unwarranted attack of assault, unnecessary, that it did not have to happen, that it should not have happened. There are people in this world who take joy, maybe even pride, in beating others. They prey on those weaker than themselves. We see it at the personal, one on one level, and at every other level, all the way to one nation forcing its will on another. After this decision, who will want to come forward? Who will want to fight for their rights? Why go to court, when they the victims are so often viewed as the guilty party. Whether it is assault, rape, or some other crime, the victims are often reluctant to subject themselves to the court battle and now I know why. Today this jury had a chance to change all of that. They chose not to, and so the undeterred violent conduct will continue, unpunished, not even known about. The victims will not come forward, and now you know why. How could this happen? This was a complete failure of the justice system. From the fact that the assailant was not taken into custody and questioned on the night of the incident, to the fact that it took over one month to have an order of protection to be issued, to the fact that the court hearings were put off time after time from May through the middle of July. It just seemed no one cared. Finally the DA met with the woman, once for maybe 10 minutes, and an assistant met with her again one hour before the trial. That was it. The subpoenas were not delivered until the weekend before the trial. A key witness was out of town, never was served, and therefore was not at the trial; a key witness was not at the trial because he had not been served a subpoena in a timely manner. Possibly if the subpoenas had been delivered in a timely manner, All of the witnesses would have been available and maybe justice would have been better served. I write this deeply disappointed in a system I have spent much of my life serving, under sworn oath to uphold and to protect. But more importantly I write it to bring to attention, to you, the people, in the hope that those victims of these assaults will have the courage to continue to come forward to seek justice and protection, that the police departments will be more thorough and adept, that the courts will be more expeditious, not allowing for so many continuations, and, finally, that DA spend more than 15 minutes interviewing the people they are sworn to protect and to inform those who are being subpoenaed in a more timely manner so that they will be able to appear at the trial as witnesses critical to the outcome. Ron Moore, North Hudson

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