Shoreham power grab

To the editor: The Shoreham selectboard has announced a hearing on almost the same set of zoning regulations they rejected earlier: the Shoreham Planning Commission took out one or two sentences from the same 55-page document, but it still contains an unbelievable grab for power to control any land use, any land division (which should require subdivision regulations, not zoning regulations), as well as any building of almost any structure. The many areas of regulation will be decided by the town, or more precisely, the zoning administrator, rather than a development review board or the zoning board of adjustments. In addition, there are many conditional use permits required, which adds to the time and money required to use your own land as you wish: at least 2 visits to boards and at least $200, or more. Conditional use seems to mean that you can only build if you do things as they think you should, even to where on a lot a new house must be built! Please come to the Oct. 3 hearing and be prepared to speak about this grab for control or our property rights; the selectboard needs to hear from townspeople. Margaret Barnes, Shoreham

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