Shelburne zoning laws

As I go and visit each of you in District 5-2, many ask why I want to continue being in the legislature. The days are long, the process can be endless, and the results are not always what one is trying to achieve. For me, being in Montpelier and being able to serve our communities is an opportunity for me to be involved in a very real "hands-on" way. Laws are not created in a far away place and then sent down to the people. Laws are developed by people who you send to Montpelier. We want to solve a problem. The housing bill that was passed this legislative session does just that. It sets forth guidelines for village center development. It helps us take advantage of high-density dwelling, public transportation, and beautiful neighborhoods. We are a small state and as any state, we need revenue. We need thoughtful, forward thinking, creative solutions to broaden our tax base. Village center development helps us to bring in revenue and avoid sprawl. Right now, I am speaking of Shelburne in general and the zoning by-laws in particular. We are within weeks of having this new zoning adopted. I encourage all of you to keep informed and see the project being proposed. It is truly a win-win for all of us today and in the future. I urge you all to come to the Selectboard meetings and see the drawings of this Shelburne Village project. I believe you will be impressed with the possibilities. I look carefully at development projects. This one is unique. We have people who have raised their children in Shelburne and been members of this community and they want to make a difference. We have Shelburne families who want to sell their land to someone who will be a responsible developer and carry on some of Shelburne's old traditions. This plan includes restoration of old, beautiful buildings, as well as new affordable housing, senior housing, and single-family units. Let us work out the details with cooperation while setting the course for Shelburne's future. This is the last report I will write before the Nov. 4 election. I want to do this in fairness to all candidates. I look forward to hearing from you. Please call me at 802-985-8515 or jglenes@ol.com. Joan Lenes is the Representative for Chittenden County, District 5-2 in Vermont. Her column appears regularly in the Times Sentinel.

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