Keep Bulmer as NWCS principal!

To the editor: I was outraged to hear the news that our elementary principal at North Warren Central School has had her job eliminated by the Board of Education. This was done in July when we were all on summer break. Unfortunately, June 30, 2009 will be Susan Bulmer's last day at North Warren if the board doesnt reverse its course. I attended a school board meeting and there was only a handful of parents there to hear of this hasty decision. I understand that Teresa Andrew, the high school principal, will take over the entire student body beginning in September 2009. Also, I have also heard from a board member that geographically we have the largest number of students with special needs in the elementary program. This is one of the many reasons not to eliminate Susan Bulmers position as North Warrens Elementary Principal. Every time I turn around, there are, budget cuts. Last summer there was a budget cut for drivers education and there was such an outpouring of concern from parents, it was reinstated. I know that the economy is bad and budget cuts are necessary, but there has got to be another solution. Losing Elementary Principal Susan Bulmer would be detrimental to our children and our school. Susan Bulmer has devoted six years of her life to our youth and we have been very blessed to have her. I hope that as a community we can all pull together and find another solution. There has to be another way. This is a critical mistake that is being made. The time is now to get involved and I implore all concerned parents to go to the next board meeting and find out first-hand. Our children deserve better than this. We as taxpayers should insist on it. I hope to see you at the next school board meeting. Margaret Terry, Friends Lake Town of Chester

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