What's up with North Creek?

For people outside the town of Johnsburg, last week's announcement of the Copperfield Inn purchase was probably just an interesting bit of local news. But for those of us who live (and make a living) here - the announcement served as a symbolic gesture toward a hopeful future for our community.

For some reason, the town of Johnsburg, or more specifically the hamlet of North Creek, seems to run contrary to many of the economic issues facing our region. By saying that, I am certainly not suggesting that we are prospering by any stretch of the imagination. My point is that the sheer potential we have is illustrated by the infrastructure and quiet positioning that is gradually falling into place.

In a talk with Supervisor Goodspeed last week, he listed more than 15 businesses in the town that have opened, expanded, or are anticipated to open by the end of this year. A trip to the Gore Chamber of Commerce office provided even more detail and some entities that neither of us thought of. It's a familiar story for our small community - we seem to take our lumps just like everybody else but somehow we keep moving forward.

By contrast, I was saddened to learn this week that the Indian Lake Market is contemplating closing for the winter in response to declining sales figures over the last few months. Without a doubt, that must be an incredibly hard decision to make, and many of us can empathize with their situation.

This announcement makes it clear that what we are seeing on the evening news every night is starting to hit-home on a regional level. From New York State's deficit projections, to Warren County's budget shortfalls, and all the way down to the bankruptcy of Lincoln Logs in Chestertown, we are starting to feel the pressure that accompanies a period of economic contraction.

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