Don't miss "Queen Kelly" at the Palace Theatre

LAKE PLACID Attention film buffs: Do not miss this rare opportunity to see one of the most interesting and controversial films of the silent film era. The Adirondack Film Society will present the 1929 Silent Film, Queen Kelly at the Palace Theatre in Lake Placid Thursday, Nov. 20. The film stars the controversial and often married Gloria Swanson, who was a three-time Academy Award nominee known for her lavish wardrobes that were often ornamented with beads, jewels, peacock and ostrich feathers. The film is directed by famed Director Eric Von Stroheim. The producer is the legendary Joseph P. Kennedy. The film will begin at 7:30 p.m. and admission is $10 per person. The production of the film was almost as interesting as the film itself. Midway into the production of the film, famed Director Eric Von Stroheim was dismissed. Von Stroheim had had numerous heated disagreements with the star, Gloria Swanson, and the producer and financier, Joseph P. Kennedy over the mounting costs of the film and the introduction of what was considered to be indecent material. Gloria Swanson, in an attempt to recoup some of the costs, decided to complete the film with an ending that was directed by her. The plot portrays Swanson as an orphan named Patrica who is kidnapped from an orphanage by Prince Wolfram, who is engaged to be married to the mad Queen Regina V of Germany. The Prince soon falls in love with Patrica. When their relationship is discovered by the Queen, Patrica is punished and the Prince is sent to prison. Patrica then goes to East Africa to be with her ailing aunt. In East Africa, Patrica has to deal with a variety of unsavory characters and unusual situations including becoming the madam of a bordello where she is known as Queen Kelly. She is finally reunited with and married to Prince Wolfram. When Queen Regina is assassinated, Wolfram is called back to Germany to become King and he brings Patrica with him and she becomes Queen Kelly. This screening really will be an event because of two additional unique features, the first being organist Jeff Barker was has been acclaimed across the United States and the British Isles as one of the finest accompanists alive today and the second being the organ itself, the 1926 Robert Morton Theatre Organ, one of only three still in use today, which comes with all the toys, the tam tams, whistles and percussion instruments that allow it to sound like everything from a penny whistle to a marching band. With over seven ranks of pipes ranging in size from a pencil to the 16 ft. tall wooden bases, and nick-named as The Pride of the Great North Woods, the combination of the theatre organ, Jeff Barker on the keys, Gloria Swanson on screen and Producer Joseph P Kennedy pouring in his reputed ill gotten gains, adds up to a rave film experience untouchable by any DVD rental. The film contains adult situations and is not suitable for children. However, it is a must see for the true film buff.

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