Ed Mann and global warming

To the editor: Re: Ed Manns letter to the editor (Eagle, Nov. 8). Here's a plausible scenario. Global temperatures rise, causing the ice cap over Greenland to melt to a degree, adding fresh water to the North Atlantic. Fresh water being less dense than salt water, the reduced average density prevents the water at the North-East end of the Gulf Stream from sinking in its usual manner, thus interrupting the circulation of this enormous body of water... Ed Mann... derides the Gospel of Sustainability, suggesting that this way lies poverty. I have two comments. First, any system in which consumption exceeds supply will eventually lead to exhaustion of a resource. Whether it runs out tomorrow or in a hundred years time is immaterial. That system is unsustainable. It allows a fat cat existence now while generating a problem for future generations to solve. Have we learned nothing from the current financial debacle? Second, how does he measure poverty? Yes, October snow in London is unusual. Snow on June 1 in the mid-1970s was unusual too (I know, I was there). But the only reason the recent fall made headlines was the apparent irony of its coinciding with a parliamentary debate on global warming. Peter Macfarlane, Addison

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