Feud' in Stony Creek is a misnomer

To the editor: An article in the Oct. 10 Adirondack Journal titled Feud Heats Up in Stony Creek by Jonathan Alexander contained a few inaccuracies. My age is 57 and I dont have a feud with anyone. In fact, it is Mr. Bradley that seems to have a feud with most of the honest folks in our town. No charges have been dropped. Mr. Bradley faces charges from two other citizens and two charges from me, these charges are based on Mr. Bradleys actions and Mr. Bradleys behavior. Mr. Bradley is being prosecuted by the Franklin County DA, not Washington County. My concerns have always been as a taxpayer. In 2004, Mr. Bradley was indicted by a Warren County Grand Jury on 10 felonies for allegedly stealing from our town. Also that year the NYS comptroller did an audit of purchasing and found fraud, waste and abuse. They also uncovered 481 gals. of gas and over 2,000 gals. of diesel fuel unaccounted for, from our Highway Dept. As of today we still have not found out where our fuel went. Sooner or later Mr. Bradley and our Town Board are going to have to tell the truth to the taxpayers of Stony Creek. Bill Bormann, Stony Creek (Editors Note: An apology for the typographical error on your age. In response to your other concerns: We characterized the situation between you and Stony Creek Highway Superintendent Neil Bradley as a feud, because of the various complaints and legal charges back and forth between you and Bradley. Also, Stony Creek residents and sources close to the court have characterized the situation as a feud. Let us assure you that weve made phone calls and exchanged emails with District Attorneys offices and court officials from Warren, Franklin and Washington Counties. Thus far, Stony Creek Highway Superintendent Neil Bradley has had various charges lodged against him, but has been convicted of only a single misdemeanor, Endangering Public Health, Safety and Environment. This was the outcome of the trial that followed the 2004 Warren County Grand Jury indictment on 10 felonies, according to Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan. Bradley was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine and an additional $2,000 in restitution to the Town of Stony Creek. However, due to the political environment in Stony Creek, officials said, Bradley was never required to pay the restitution. According to Franklin County District Attorney Derek Champagne, all but the charges involving the most recent incident with a local teen, have been Adjourned in Contemplation of Dismissal, or effectively dropped.)

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