Convictions of Duells unwarranted

To the editor: The Duells, an entrepreneurial couple working in and around the Adirondack Park, were convicted of 100+ felonies, did jail time and paid thousands of dollars in fines for supposed environmental violations at a single apartment building. One-hundred-plus red flags ought to go up as it is so over the top as to be laughable if it were not such a travesty of justice. On first glance, it would seem that either somebody really wanted that property or had a very large axe to grind with the family. Mom and Dad had to go to jail they had two school aged kids, they had their apartment confiscated and sold to Minerva for $1, they faced losing their home and were saddled with a criminal record. For what? Did environmental damage actually occur? Were water tests conducted? The Duells wouldve lost their home, if a wealthy benefactor, incensed at this abuse of the system, hadnt purchased their home back from creditors for them. Proverbs says we are a fool to only get one side of the story. The felonies were based on the Duells lack of a SPDES permit regulations show they didnt even need. Their property never discharged the required level of 1,000 gallons a day according to Minervas own water records! The Minerva watershed system was inadequate causing flooding on the Duells and their neighbors properties each spring. An unattached pipe was found on the septic tank that they used for cleaning the water off the tank from this flooding. Any court worth its salt would have thrown this case out, and, indeed, the first one did. But if you keep trying eventually you will succeed in finding one to convict. There is much more that any unbiased journalist seeking the truth could find. Lets hear both sides and let us decide. Roger Richards Warrensburg, NY (Editors Note: The evidence in the case was heard in exhaustive detail by an Essex County jury which after a long trial came up with the convictions and sentencing that was surprising to so many people. Glenda Duell, who was convicted along with her husband Kent, is running for Thurman Town Justice in Tuesdays general election, despite a state law that says a convicted felon cannot run for a Town Justice position or serve in the post. She won the September Republican primary by a solid margin. Glenda Duells lawyer, Tucker Stanclift, is researching crates of court testimony, evidence and records to determine whether Duell has a reasonable chance at having her convictions vacated. We will be happy to hear both her testimony and examine the testimony of the witnesses, at some point after Stanclift makes his determinations.)

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