Timeline highlights evolution of military weaponry

PLATTSBURGH Advancements made in the field of weaponry were on display as the Battle of Plattsburgh Association hosted its 2nd annual Plattsburgh Military Timeline last weekend. The public was given the opportunity to see the evolution of the U.S. military throughout the timeline which spanned four centuries. Kristina Parker-Wingler, Battle of Plattsburgh Association museum manager, said the two-day event was held as a means to educate the community. This actually started because we had a bunch of re-enactor friends who wanted to show off the different time periods, explained Parker-Wingler. We wanted to explain to people the progression of the military through the ages. The demonstration was overseen by Parker-Winglers husband, Joshua Wingler, who is a Battle of Plattsburgh Association volunteer and military re-enactor. Wingler, dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform, commanded fellow re-enactors portraying soldiers from the 17th to 20th centuries. Over the years, guns have become carefully prepared weapons, said Wingler, as he pointed out the differences between a matchlock gun which utilized gun powder and automatic weapons still in use today. The event was held on the former grounds of Plattsburgh Air Force Base and the Plattsburgh Barracks, which spoke to the history of the area and provided an ideal setting for a timeline presentation, said Parker-Wingler. This is great because when you stand here for the firing demonstration, you see the old base, the stone barracks and the planes all at the same time, she said. You get the 1830s, 1890s and 1900s all at the same time. In addition to the demonstration, the timeline included discussions led by re-enactors and a memorial service.

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