Oil & Fox

To the editor: Regarding Ms. Foxs letter to the Eagle last week: Ms. Fox, let me be the first to laud your credentials. However, I am somewhat confused. First, you denounce Ed Manns hypothesis regarding abiotic oil formation, but when you refer to the Soviets as being the catalyst for this theory you state: This is not completely far-fetched. You seem to be vacillating. Could it be when a conservative reader like Mr. Mann postulates this idea youre against it, but when you give credit to communist scientists as being innovators of the idea, you think it has merit. As you put it: Under Stalin, scientists were rewarded for revolutionary ideas that defied the conventional wisdom of the bourgeois West. Conventional wisdom? Bourgeois West? Are you kidding? This is just like a true liberal. You seem to have admiration for the communists and disdain for us conventional, unimaginative thinkers of the bourgeois West. You make excuses for anything unAmerican but attack your own country or anyone who you think is conservative and pro-American. You can leave us so-called gas guzzlin, religion spoutin, gun totin, conservatives alone. As far as oil wells in the Champlain Valley: in the 1970s several exploratory wells were drilled here in the valley. The formation is right for oil. Perhaps someday it will be found and drilled here. I wouldnt mind at all. Its common to see small pumpjack oil wells in parking lots, and other common areas, all over this nation. By the way, communism failed in case you didnt hear; we Americans, with our conventional wisdom, prevailed. Oh, in the interest of full disclosure, I would like to note: I have a masters degree in history. Tom Sinacore, Middlebury

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