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To the Tri-Lakes Today: Cuts to health care have become an all too familiar refrain during the budget process in New York State. Health care facilities across the state hold their collective breath throughout the process, wondering if this is the year vital funding will not be restored. Fortunately, this was not the case this year and we can celebrate victories on two fronts. Not only did New York lawmakers adopt a budget that delivers the funding critical to the operation of Adirondack Medical Center and its two skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities, lawmakers also restored funding to keep Camp Gabriels open. These successes are in large part due to the unwavering support of Senator Elizabeth Betty Little and Assemblywomen Janet Duprey and Teresa Sayward. Like other agencies and organizations in the region, AMC is grateful for the service the work crews at Camp Gabriels provide for a variety of projects at our facilities. More importantly, it is the interconnection between the public and private sector, all manners of industry, civic and community organizations that fuel the overall health and strength of our region. This interconnection among groups and organizations is, however, at the mercy of a tenuous balance in the economy of our region. Perhaps this is why we are quick to rally support when one of our community members is in need, as such was the case with Camp Gabriels. Clearly, the loss of those jobs, services and families would have had far reaching implications throughout our region. Senator Little and Assemblywomen Duprey and Sayward recognize and value the cohesive nature of our community, and we are grateful for their tireless support on the multitude of issues vital to our region. AMC continues to provide vital heath care services to our community due in no small part to the stewardship of our three dedicated state representatives. Thank you! Chandler Ralph, President and CEO, Adirondack Medical Center

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