Do away with 'em...

To the Addison Eagle: The final agreement between the Addison Northeast Supervisory Union 28 and the NEA was finally signed on March 24 and made public made public on April 21. How much was your pay increase this year? Those of you on Social Security got 2.3 percent and some of you actually lost you jobs due to the recession and are now scraping by on unemployment. Lets compare those sad facts to how well the NEA faired. Right up front they received a 4.5 percent raise in the base pay every year for the next three years. Not too shabby to say the least. They still only pay an extremely low percentage of their medical premiums for a much better than average policy. But wait. There is more. Regardless of whether or not they perform well (Test scores are proving that they dont) each teacher will receive another 5 percent just for occupying a desk for another year. Hold on there is still moreIf they are willing to purchase college credits they will be rewarded with and additional 5 percent of their base pay for each 15 credits. Conceivably in only 16 years they can increase their base pay by over 202 percent. Not enough? If they need more there is a bonus of up to $4500.00 for extra curricular participation. For those that need still more they can become a Teacher Leader and pull down another 3.5 percent of their base pay plus one half a percent for each teacher supervised and can teach one class less that the standard fulltime assignment. I cant speculate on what the negotiators were or were not thinking but it may have helped the teachers if a spouse was representing the other side. The upside of all this is that with all these highly paid teachers and teacher leaders governing themselves, we can now do away with the very expensive superintendents and principals making it a wash. R.E.Merrill, Bristol

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