Ace in the hole

To the Addison Eagle: I live on Route 116 South in Bristol. Last Summer, while walking south on 116, I noticed that a large hole had developed right at the edge of the pavement on the west side of the highway. I went back to my house and got a flashlight so I could peer down into the hole. To my amazement I found the hole to be at least six feet deep and I observed that the area beneath the hole opening had eroded into a larger span beneath hole opening. I contacted Vermonts New Haven division of state highway maintenance and they informed they would check it out and make any necessary repairs. That call was made by in the summer of 2007. Right after I made the call I took a 6 foot pole down the road to stand it up in the hole. To my further amazement that six foot pole dropped right out of site. It has now been several months since I notified the New Haven department and the hole is still there, waiting for a catastrophe to happen. Im concerned that a heavy truck, or even a school bus loaded with children, could cause the undermined highway to collapse, causing a serious accident. What does it take to get such a dangerous road hazard repaired? I anxiously await your response. Martin Thompson, Bristol Editors note: A citizen pointing out a potential hazard can prompt action! After the Eagle received the above letter, Mr. David Blackmore (state highway department) called the letter writer by telephone to pinpoint the Route 116 hazards location; he followed up with Mr. Thompson in an e-mail message confirming their conversation and saying that the hole would be repaired. However, according to Mr. Thompson, he did not indicate when the repair would take place. Highway official Carol King also responded to Mr. Thompson via e-mail saying she was sending his original e-mail (the letter appearing above) to the general manager and district administrator for the Bristol area.

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